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The Birth of the Noble Art of Boxing
Gio's Brooklyn Boxing Club

Boxing influenced and enhanced the ancient cultures of Greece, Rome and Asia. The athletes of these cultures were considered warriors and heroes. They exemplified discipline, strength, grace and beauty.

As the art of boxing moved throughout various cultures and grew into a culture of it's own, boxing became known throughout the world as the "Sweet Science".

At Gio's Brooklyn Boxing Club, we treat the "Sweet Science" with the respect that boxing has earned through an understanding of boxing's history, culture and etiquette.

Professional boxers develop an incredible balance of cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, timing, agility and eye- hand coordination. They also get hit....hard.

At Gio's you can enjoy the benefits of training like a boxer to get the same results without the punishment. Take advantage of our training programs that we offer for men, women, teens and children.

We provide a positive, professional and safe atmosphere for children and teenagers. As adults we must not ignore our responsibility to support the development of our youth. Helping them avoid the pitfalls and temptations of childhood will bring a better world to all of us. So often kids find themselves in a world of irresponsibility, alcohol, drugs, gangs, even prison.

At Gio's we show them a path to confidence, discipline, self-esteem, balance, respect for themselves and others.

Life has a rhythm, like shadowboxing.
When you get out of rhythm, your ability to function becomes get knocked out.

At Gio's Brooklyn Boxing Club you can find the rhythm and attitude necessary for a happy, successful lifestyle. Whether you're an adult or child, man or woman, Gio's has a program to fit your life.



Train Like A Boxer.

Programs are available
for men, women
and teen

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